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About Us

Here at Entriken Critter Removal we are a family owned and operated full-service nuisance wildlife company with nearly 10 years of wildlife experience.

My name is Matthew Entriken the owner and operator of Entriken Critter Removal. I have been in the pest control/wildlife industry for nearly 10 years and after my 10 years of experience me and my wife decided to start our own company.

Here at Entriken Critter Removal we pride ourselves on being a company you can trust. Just like in a marriage here at Entriken Critter Removal we believe in healthy communication so we as a professional can understand the situations that you are going through and most accurately address those problems. Our goal is to make sure that you as the client feel comfortable, understood, and taken care of from the second we step foot onto your property to the second we leave.

Entriken Critter Removal uses the most effective critter solutions to ensure that we achieve the desired result of removing the nuisance critters from your property or home. All living things have three major necessities in life food, water, and shelter. Critters become a problem to a homeowner when they believe that your home is their shelter. Critters will try and find the best possible nesting spot to prepare on having and raising their families and that can become your attic, crawlspace, dryer vent, and even your chimney. Once an animal has decided that your home is going to be their home, they can create lots of unwanted problems that if not handled quickly can turn into a serious health problem for the homeowner. there is a wide variety of critters that will take up residency at your home such as Squirrels, Rats, Bats, Raccoons, Coyotes, Hogs, etc… and here at Entriken we take care of all of the above.

Give us a call today for a FREE nuisance wildlife consultation. We will provide you with an honest and reliable strategy to take care of all of your nuisance wildlife needs.

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